Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Technologies of Comps & Techs

To keep things short, in this post, it's about the elements in computing and technologies. Here it is::


    People are the most important element because they are the user who operate the computer. They are the one who built, analyse and develop the system. There are two types of people involved in communication. First, the professional people who have gone through specialized training in theory and technical aspect. Second is the end user or those who only know how to use without special tra
    ining in the field.

    examples of users

    Procedure is an ordered set of tasks for performing some action. It is the specification of operation which have to be executed in some way in order to attain the same result under the same situation. In this case, it is the procedure communicating so that the other receiver could understand the message.
  3. DATA
    Data is the information stored in the computer system used by applications to accomplish tasks. We will get to that later because so far, this is all i understand about data.

    Hardware can be considered as any physical object that are part of the computer system. Previously, we have learned that the basic operation of a computer system is IPOS. Input, processor, output and storage.


    Every computer need software to make it function. Therefore, software is needed to start the communication. The Linux, OS system, Wimdows 7 and PDF application are all included in software categories.
    That is all, cherio!  :D


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